Thursday, 6 November 2008


This morning's porridge was all set to be delicious and warming. This time I decided to follow the instructions on the packet precisely. I even got a measuring jug out, and the old-fashioned weighing scales. I put it in the microwave (I know, I should have done it on the hob since I was going to all the effort of getting it just right, but I didn't.) The first round went well. 3 mins, stir, 2 mins. That was the way it said to do it. All was well at the 3 minute mark. I put it in again after stirring, then set it to 2 minutes. I came back when I heard the microwave ding. The steam cascaded out into the kitchen, I had to stand back so that it didn't get in my eyes. When the air had cleared I peeked inside and saw a gooey mess bubbling on the microwave glass plate, sticky streaks slopped down the side of the bowl. Over half of it had escaped, pushing up the lid and oozing out of the bowl. I keep finding more lumps, now dry, about my person from when I took the bowl out of the microwave to clear it all up.
This is a very disappointing way to start the day. I have done nothing useful since.

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