Wednesday, 10 June 2015


My Flatland photo series is currently showing at the O3 Gallery in Oxford, as part of the Trigonometry exhibition. The show runs until 28th June, so do pop in and have a look if you're in Oxford.

My Flatland series is influenced by Edwin Abbott Abbott’s 1884 satirical novella Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. The book is narrated by “A Square” and uses the fictional 2-D world of Flatland to explore Victorian hierarchy, and spatial dimensions.  Other worlds within this fictional universe include Pointland and Spaceland – 1D and 3D worlds, as well as dimensions beyond this. The inhabitants of Flatland don’t believe in other dimensions and anyone who asserts the existence of other dimensions are punished. I’m interested in perception. The inhabitants of Flatland only believe in the space that they perceive, and refuse to believe in a space beyond their experience; this is what I wanted to explore in this photo-series.

Walking is central to my practice. When I walk I imagine worlds beyond our own – I’m particularly interested in the notion of parallel dimensions, worlds that overlap with our own and sometimes bleed into our own. Thresholds and portals fascinate me. I digitally manipulate photographs taken on walks, pushing elements of the image beyond what the eye perceives. Nothing is added or taken away, the altered colours are generated from the values within the digital image.