Friday, 10 May 2013

Documented Walk May 2013

I went on a decent cycle and walk on Tuesday and documented it visually and aurally. 

I cycled from Madjeston to Pen Selwood: 

I've admired these gates for years. 

Soundscape for this view:



I've set some of my novel in this combe: my favourite place in the world.



Hambledon (n.) The sound of a single-engine aircraft flying by, heard whilst lying in a summer field in England, which somehow concentrates the silence and sense of space and timelessness and leaves one with a profound feeling of something or other.


soundscape without visual documentation of a horserider and his dog: 

View from Coit Mawr to Ynys yr Afalon (Selwood to Glastonbury Tor)

cycled through the forest. This road is great to cycle along: very exhilarating.

view over Coit Mawr towards Caer Pelladwr (Selwood to Shaftesbury)


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

First Impressions poster

check out this poster I designed for the artists Amanda Keyte and Marie De'Ath. If you're in Shaftesbury from May 13-18, then pop along to the arts centre and look at their exhibition. 

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Fictional Map Making Competition

I love maps of fictional places. Such creativity and imagination! 

I'm running a fictional map making competition with my writing group. Check it out. I've had maps from across the world coming at my inbox and I like it. 

In other news: I'm writing. Last week I was mostly gardening, professionally. This week I will be mostly writing, non-professionally (for now). 

I am writing a fantasy novel set in Dark Age Britain. Think Wells Towers, think Samurai Champloo, it's not those things but those things are good things.