Monday, 3 January 2011

Wire music

I listened to a really inspiring radio 4 documentary yesterday. I recommend you take a listen before it expires:

The documentary about the unearthly sounds that wires make when vibrated by the wind and other weather, such as sunlight and rain. What initially hooked my attention, aside from the insane sounds coming out of the radio was this little background story: "As a young boy he [Alan Lamb] was introduced to the music of the wires during walks with his sister and their nanny, who showed the children how to press their ears against a telegraph pole to 'hear the sound of the world'."

This audio is an example of the sort of sounds the vibrating wires make. The second audio below includes human interaction, which I think I prefer. CreativeComplex-WEATHER-MIX by TheWIREDLab

Listening to the radio program will give you a more detailed experience.

What I find interesting about these sounds is that they sound like chaos. There is something primal about them. When I listen to these sounds I feel a better understanding about the chaos that surrounds me, and I acknowledge that chaos is beautiful and therefore doesn't need to be brought to order by human beings.

The sound artists involved in the project at Wired Lab are taking their experiments further by interacting with the wire themselves by vibrating the wires with their voices, hanging objects from the wires and such:


Take a look at the Wired Lab website and listen to the radio program while its still online (for the next 6 days).

I hope everyone had a good holiday period. I certainly did :D

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