Saturday, 15 May 2010

Cooking in the woods 2

Here are some photos I took of project week at the woods (older photos in my previous post). I took a lot less photos than I remember. That's probably a good thing.

The kitchen with the workshop beyond, the new workshop space beyond that and Ollie's yurt beyond that. The new workshop space was what most people were working on during the week. I didn't photograph the finished thing, but it looked totally awesome. The basic shape of it is in the next photo. Next time I go, I'll photograph it because it looks really good:

This is the new workshop space before the roof struts were raised or the canvas put over it. Now this roof is erected and there's a yurt canvas stretched over it :D

A silly artsy photo of some plates, plus a small amount of the cool new rack Ollie made for drying them:

Mary, the new cook of the woods, making a yummy bannana cake for Edward's 11th birthday:

This is the oven that Mary's cake was cooked in. Pizza's do well in this, as does pretty much anything:

Tae, born in a yurt in the woods. He's the coolest kid ever, so relaxed and healthy and he giggles all the time. His mum puts him in a bouncy thing in the kitchen and he kicks around in that babbling away. I love the hammoc he was in a few weeks ago as well; it looked super fun:

Kellykettle on fire:

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