Thursday, 13 May 2010

Cooking in the Woods 1

“The more civilised, the more unconscious and complicated a man is, the less he is able to follow his instincts. His complicated living conditions and the influence of his environment are so strong that they drown the quiet voice of nature. Opinions, beliefs, theories, and collective tendencies appear in its stead and back up all the aberrations of the unconscious mind. Deliberate attention should then be given to the unconscious so that the compensation can set to work. ” Jung, ‘The Syzygy: Anima and Animus’

Or alternatively, become less civilised and live a simple, uncomplicated life.

I have been in the woods for a while. Photos will come, eventually. Until then here are some old ones of the same place:

The yurt and workshop about two years ago. When I eventually upload the new images you will notice some changes:

This was where my friend Gabriel lived 2 years ago. A short dreadlocked man named Ollie with a great sense of humour now lives here. Ali lived here last year:

Here is some of the interior of the yurt when messy Gabriel lived in it:

When I go to the woods I usually cook for the workers because I enjoy it a lot more than manual lifting and woodwork. Here is the hob and a meal prepared by the previous cook, Ali:

In the background you can see the oven, This is the general kitchen, and lovely Dani:

Mr Kite lived in the far cabin for a month last January. He says this was the best month of his whole life. The closer cabin now has a turf roof:

Yes, you can have a hot shower in the woods:

When I came back after this year's spring project week I felt so intune, so relaxed and creative. I had only spent three or so nights in the woods, and already my whole being had started to shift into something more complete and relaxed. I will write about my time in the woods properly when I am less tired and I have some current photographs to show you. There is a baby in the woods now. He was born in a yurt there. He is the cutest, most reslient and healthy baby I have ever met. I'll talk about him more later. I hope you get to meet him some day because this dude is going to be the coolest kid you ever knew.

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