Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Lost Secret

Here are some recent photographs taken on walks near my house:

The Wood Fair was good. I spoke to the editor of Living Woods magazine and he suggested I come up with some article ideas. Perhaps I will report on the basket making course I am attending on Saturday. It is not going to take place in the woods, however, instead in the middle of Gillingham. Gillingham is a small country town that causes embarrassment in its residents. All the other towns scattered about this beautiful region have quaint streets and pretty houses. Gillingham has a massive industrial estate, a large collection of estate agents and is surrounded by a ring of newly built housing estates. But there is a little thatched cottage hidden in the middle. Surrounded by trees, this place is a lost secret. A little ancient smallholding with chickens and a cottage garden with pretty vegetable patches and winding small paths. The basket-making course will take place there.

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