Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Cranborne Wood Fair

No gymnastics this week. Mr Kite is ill, and so is everybody else who could happily give me a lift there.
This coming Sunday I shall be attending the Cranborne Wood Fair up at the Larmer Tree Gardens, not that far from where I live. Should be good! This is probably the last wood fair of the year so I’d better make the most of it. Mr Kite hopes to buy a side axe and a froe and I’d like to buy some basket making tools. There’s a guy who sells lovely second hand tools who will be there, I hope he doesn’t sell all the good ones on Saturday.
I have not been writing at all recently. There is too much kitchen-work to be done. Today I made a whole lot of green tomato chutney. Tomorrow I need to make more beetroot chutney, and if there is time; some rosehip syrup.

This is a photo of the outdoor kitchen that I sometimes cook in up in the woods. And also Mary.


memotone said...

Your outdoor kitchen looks amasing! Where is that!??

Zomzara said...

It's a wonderful, secret, place. I recommend visiting it on a Thursday
Let me know if you are interested in visiting. Talk to Phil Pearson about it too because he's helped to make some of the constructions there and is a well-known face around Cherry Wood.