Thursday, 3 September 2009

What is your favourite tree?

My all round favourite is probably Ash, for the sheer versatility of it. Ash is a wonderful wood to whittle things from, it’s strong and fairly flexible. The only wood to burn well mature or green is Ash, and it’s a very handsome tree.

My favourite individual tree is the Wyndham Oak in Silton, near where I live. This tree is so old that Sir Hugh Wyndham, who died in 1684, sat under this tree. It’s massive and gnarly and beautiful.

Aesthetically I think white poplar is very stunning. It shimmers and dances in the wind. A whole row of them look so out of this world, like you’ve fallen through a wardrobe and come out the other side.

And you?

I made two batches of shortbread today with the help of my little sister. One made with caster sugar and the other with Dorset honey. This is the consensus: refined sugar is no good for anything. Honey is good for bees and good for me and it tastes damned good in shortbread.

I finished the first draft of the novel I am writing for the same sister who helped me bake shortbread. I feel sad to know that I will no longer be journeying with these few characters I have shaped and learned to respect along the way. At least now I can finally get on with things. Learn to make a basket, whittle a spoon, bake some bread. I’ve been too long sucked into this world of my creation. Time now to immerse myself into a world that created itself.


memotone said...

I agree that Ask is an incredible wood. and it does keep my house warm in the winter. But it is not my favorite tree. I would have to say... Japanese Red Maple. But thats in the whole world. When concerned with British trees it would have to be beach. Walking through a beach wood, whatever time of year, is a magical experiance.

Also, thankyou for commenting on my blog. I am not really sure how to reply to the comments on posts so I will just take this chance and say I am very glad to hear your brain works well listening to memotone. That means both my music and the memotone complex have something in common. They are both aids for mental health and function.
I hope you are well. All the best,

memotone said...

*Ash. Sorry

Zomzara said...

Thanks. I usually just leave replies to comments on the same comment (like so). But that means there is a risk that the original commenter will not see the reply, especially if they don't follow/ look at the same blog often. Never mind. I look at the blogs I follow fairly frequently, so I don't think I miss many replies.

Japanese red Maple is beautiful, and so is Beech. They tend to litter the floor in their tannin-rich leaves that cannot be eaten by anything much, so the leaves stick around for ages, cutting out the light and meaning other stuff can't grow so well. But I still love 'em. They are really majestic trees.


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