Thursday, 10 September 2009

I saw an Osprey just the other day.

I’ve been away from the internet for a short time, and might not be back for a few days or weeks. As I said in my last post; I finished writing the first draft of a novel and figured it would be nice to spend some time doing practical things. I feel like jotting down some interesting things I have seen and done recently.

I saw an Osprey down at a lake a little way from my house, in fact there is a picture of the lake on an earlier post and a mention of spotting a strange large bird that I thought was black, or at least dark. It transpires that the bird was probably an Osprey; and even if it wasn’t, I later saw one for sure. I had the great fortune to go by the lake when some twitters were set up there with their long lenses. I asked them what the bird I might have seen earlier in the month might have been and they directed me to look in the lenses. There it was sitting in a tree, all proud and beautiful. An Osprey. I couldn’t believe it.

Myself and my boyfriend (Mr Kite) made some jam (a batch of strawberry and a batch of raspberry, picked at Ansty PYO). It’s so delicious. We’re going to make some hedgerow jams and jellies tomorrow with the help of our newest fabulous friend, Mary. I love meeting new friends, especially ones who are on my same wavelength. Today we went to the woods near Bath, and Mary and I were working in the outdoor kitchen together, baking a cake in the cob oven and making delicious food for the workers to wolf down. We both would like very much to be homemakers in self-sufficient heaven. Maybe someday we will. Maybe I will post some photos of this sometime.

Cheese fair in Stir on Saturday and then back to the woods for more outdoor cookery on Sunday. Fun times!


emily josephine mcphillips said...

i want to be a part of this lovely existence you have. i'm getting tired of the city. i've been looking for jobs in buxton which is about an hour train ride out of manchester - it's a lovely spa town on the edge of the peak district - it would be a nice compromise for me.

and mmm, jam! plum jam is my favourite.

Zomzara said...

Buxton sounds good. I think it's best to do a compromise. It would be too much of a shock to go from city to country in one quick flick. Too many people make that mistake and then get upset and upset other people. Someone moved to a nearby rural town from London. He made an official noise complaint about some cockerals and got hell for it from all the locals. He couldn't cope with the country sounds and his complaint got him a lot of negative attention from those who had lived with those same sounds for decades and never really noticed them.
Anyway, I wish you luck in your job search.
Plum jam is yummy. Most of the plums have gone now. I saw a tree laden with them, but it's hard to get to. Maybe I'll try. I'm making crab apple jelly next!
Anytime you want you are welcome to visit this piece of country and sample the jam :D

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