Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Ex Libris

I'm thinking of getting a Bookplate/ Ex Libris designed for my book collection. I've got too many books to fit my shelf space and no space to put more shelves. This means that my books will have to start spilling out into my mum's collection. I don't want arguments to start about who owns what book when I move out and take my collection with me. This means that a bookplate might be a good thing to have in order to know what books are mine. I also really like them.

I'm not sure what I want my bookplate to feature. Bookplates reflect the owner of the collection and their general interests. Mine are rural and nature based. I think I'd like a snowdrop in there, because they are my new favourite flower, recently knocking Ramson off the top spot. I love white flowers, and ramsons are beautiful, but Snowdrops are something altogether more wonderful; their smell is amazing, and the difference between a young snowdrop and a mature one is incredible! They also mark the start of spring, and are a sign of hope. My preferred time of year is early spring, because I prefer coldish temperatures. (Though it must be said I love all times in the year.)
So I think I'd like a snowdrop in the design.
I also love trees and woodlands and combes, but they are more difficult to include in a smallish bookplate.
Perhaps a Red Kite (bird) would be a good feature too, since my best friend is Mr Kite, and he is a large part of my life.
Of course, I love books and writing, but I feel it is unnecessary to pay homage to that aspect of my life, since the very fact I'm going so far as getting a bookplate designed suggests my love of books and stories loudly enough.

It's difficult to decide, since the design will have to stay with me my whole life really. It's like a tattoo. I could go for something everyone else has; but I'd rather think carefully about it and be able to smile every time I see the bookplate nestled in the front of one of my books.


Lew Jaffe said...

You might get some additional ideas by visiting my bookplate blog

Zomzara said...

Thanks! Your blog looks awesome. I really love bookplates; they are wonderful things to collect.
I'll stop by your blog every so often for inspiration. Cheers!