Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Cover Design Contest!!

The Klandestines graphic novel is coming along nicely at the moment. Soon we'll be able to start seeking out a home for it. Before we can do that we need a snazzy cover, and we decided it might be fun to run a contest to see what other people come up with.

So if you want to see your design on the cover of The Klandestines Part 1, then go here: to download the brief and information.
The deadline is the 27th of Feb, and I'm officially letting everyone know about it by this Friday. I know no one ever looks on this blog, so this is very much falling on deaf ears: but if you have stumbled here then you're lucky enough to have a 3 day head start on everyone else.

In other news: I have been trying to learn to knit. A few of my friends are doing it, so I thought, why not? For your information: most of said friends are buff men, often seen chopping logs with axes, using chainsaws and doing other typically masculine things. Versatility is a good thing, for sure. Unfortunately for me I seem to be failing at grasping the concept of the knit stitch. I'm not sure I can even cast on correctly. It worries me that two masculine men are better at knitting than me, a girl.


emily josephine said...

if you manage to knit something you shall have to post a picture on here.

did you get lots of lovely snow where you are? we had some for a day, but its all gone now :(

Zomzara said...

We've had so much snow here, it's unreal. we haven't really had snow that's settled for well over 10 years. It snowed last night as well. It's so incredibly beautiful!!!
3-4 inches of the stuff.
It hangs from the trees and makes the sheep look like wild beasts skulking through the snow.
Lots of little rabbits and hare and deer have left their footprints everywhere. It makes me remember the other living things that share this space with me, who are usually so quiet and hidden. The snow leaves their traces.

The downside is that I couldn't go to my very good friend's birthday party, since the road we needed was closed :(

emily josephine said...

the snow sounds so exciting, but the missed birthday party :(
it's such a nice feeling knowing that there are all these hidden animals around us, even here in the city.