Sunday, 16 November 2014

Porthleven Residency Day 1

This is the first of a picture diary of the Bath Spa Porthleven Prize residency in Cornwall that took place Spring 2014.

All of us took a walk from Porthleven to Helston

This image was used in one of my final pieces. 

This too was used in one of my final images

Above Loe Bar. 

Penrose estate

The lifeboat studio roof was destroyed in the February storm, so we were given a studio space at CAST studios in Helston. It was an amazing building, being renovated. Once an old school room.

chalk graffiti on the studio roof (not our studio) at CAST, done by school kids back when it was a school.

Helston pond

Emily and Sae walking back to Porthleven via Penrose

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