Friday, 7 March 2014

Partially moving out.

I'm moving some of my blog over to tumblr, but don't worry I will continue to post stuff up here at the same infrequent pace that I always have. The difference between my two blogs is this:

Blogger = serious writerly posts, articles, news, stories, recipes.

Tumblr = photos, little tweet-type things, generally immature and impulsive/ responsive rather than mature and well-thought through.

Take a look on my tumblr to see the difference

There will be occasional cross overs. Like this one, which appears on both blogs

10 things I encountered on a recent walk through the Dorset countryside.

1) A smashed hard-boiled egg on the roadside near the river. The yolk was missing but the white was basically intact.

2) Asbestos

3) 22 glass bottles.

4) a tennis ball

5) An exceptionally well-hung gate.

6) A white-haired man in a flat cap burning things on a bonfire. He said “afternoon.”

7) A builder has been chipping the pebble-dash render off an ugly house, revealing an old red brick wall underneath. It’s like Beauty was wearing a Beast mask and is slowly taking it off.

8) A Lindt Excellent dark chocolate wrapper (caramel with a touch of sea salt flavour). This is a middle class area.

9) A deer bounding across the field towards the larch wood.

10) An old man hoeing moss off his driveway said “The wrong things are starting to grow again.”

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