Friday, 1 November 2013

Ideas Bank (MA MS)

I've started my MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa.
It's a lot of work.

I'm collecting things for my novel or a future novel or a short. The stuff below is actually for my own benefit, so I can find these links again in the future. If I email them to myself the emails will get lost in amongst boring stuff. So that's the justification for this post, which to other people will probably seem out of place.

Character scrapbook: older man, well dressed:

Alden shoes - Charvet shirt - Alexander McQueen tie - Thom Browne accessories

character scrapbook:
point of interest: cardigan.

weekday t-shirt - second hand cardigan - weekday pants

Fi's housing estate

The world/ the kinds of people who populate it:

Most of my novels have a playlist attached to them, or a style of music or a particular musician that represents something about that world or a character within it. The idea behind this is that I begin to form an association between that music and the novel, so if I need to work on it and I'm struggling to get into the zone, I can put on the associated music and be instantly in that zone. It's always difficult at the beginning because I've not yet formed that association. Here's some music that I think will form the association for my MA novel

character association: Ross (and Fi)

(four tet in general, as well as the four tet/ Burial collaborations.)

(awesome video!)

character association: Fi

Balam Acab's entire Wander/ Wonder album 

character association: Mark

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