Thursday, 21 February 2013


WALK 19 Feb. 13

I went on a quick walk shortly before dusk. The temperature range between setting off and coming back – a period of about half an hour – ranged from comfortably sporting a t-shirt to in desperate need of several woollen layers; measured in degrees of clothing. I didn’t take my camera, but I can report that the countryside looked photogenic: gold on green, bright half moon in deep blue skies, pampass grass casting long feathery shadows, and distant black cows looking toy-like in their perfection. There was a deep earthy smell I don’t often sniff in the winter.
When I reached the bridge I experienced a strong urge to throw my glasses in the river. Throwing your most valued personal item into water was a popular British practice up until the 14th Century. I guess we all became stingy around 1300AD. I managed to fight my urge to toss away my most valued item; my distant ancestors did not.

Wildlife of note:
A buzzard
2 kingfishers (or perhaps the same kingfisher seen twice)
A hare that ran up the hill and paused at the brow looking majestic in the golden setting sun.
A limp-wristed jogger in hi-vis.
A buff man in wellies capably wrestling with a lamb that had escaped from the field opposite my house, and his small terrier.

Latin of the week:
In Season: Galanthus nivalis
Out of Season: Briza media

My sabbatical is going badly. One and a half weeks in I was given a little one-off day of work closely followed by several intensive 9-13 hour days, and I’m set to work 8-16 hours a week from now until the end of my sabbatical, when I will “resume” an 8-16 hour week.
…I think the sabbatical is over. I think it was less of a sabbatical and more of a short holiday. 
 But this is good because I’ve been offered a place at Bath Spa’s Creative Writing MA again, and at this rate of employment, I might be able to afford it, even without AHRC funding. 

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