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(Almost) All the Books I Read in 2011

Okay, so I stole this post idea from Fucking Big Thoughts, a blog that is a lot better than this one, and also Andrew Worthington is a bigger reader than I am because he has about 70 books on his list and I have 38. He is also a better writer*, and if I put two and two together I might learn something about how to become a better writer.

A lot of my books are children’s books, but then I tend to write YA fiction, so there. 

I always grade the books I’m reviewing in the same way that my work was marked when I was at Uni – out of 100, but really out of 80. Any book that gets a 70 or more gets a first; that means it’s really good. It is actually impossible to get 100. Should a book ever get 100, everyone would have to stop writing because heavenly perfection would have been reached and the apocalypse would be upon us. Maybe I’ll read something worth 100 in the latter part of this year, maybe that’s what the end of the Mayan calendar is all about.

* Judged purely on the quantity of stories published and the quality of the publications in which the work appears.

Escape – Oldham                                                             42
Reaver’s Ransom – Diamand                                         65
Just In Case – Rosoff                                                       56
How I Live Now – Rosoff                                                  75
Breathing Under Water – Green                                     50
The Green Book – Patton Walsh                                    51
State of the Art – Banks                                                   68
The Drowned World – JG Ballard                                   71
Farewell my Lovely – Chandler                                       80
What I Was – Rosoff                                                         72
Bride’s Farewell – Rosoff                                                65
Roundabout – Lassiter                                                    41
A Song For Nero – Holt                                                   49
The Master and Margarita – Bulgakov                          85
The Curious Incident of...  – Hadon                                46
Will Grayson, Will Grayson – Green & Levithan           70
Star – Singleton                                                               63
Skaz, Skinny B and Me – Singleton                              50
A Bear Called Paddington – Bond                                69
Expedition to Earth – Clarke                                          69
Angel Kiss – Cassidy                                                      41
A visit from the Goon Squad – Egan                             76
Here Lies Arthur – Reeve                                               70
Anybody Out There – Keyes                                          15
The Sailor Who Fell from Grace... – Mishima              83
Leaving the World – Kennedy                                       08
The Temple of the Golden Pavi... – Mishima               90
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detetecti...- Adams                    45
Eleven Kinds of Loneliness – Yates                             85
While Mortals Sleep – Vonnegut                                  65
The Graveyard Book – Gaiman                                    70
The High Window – Chandler                                       82
Revolutionary Road – Yates                                          85                          
Exodus – Bertagna                                                         66
Aurora – Bertagna                                                          61
Zenith – Bertagna                                                           57
Wild Abandon – Dunthorne                                           58
The Age of Arthur; A history... – Morris                        55

Well, this is a list of what I remember reading.
Plus I read a few more Dark Ages history books, but I can’t remember the titles. I read a lot of shorts as well, and re-read stuff like Instruction Manual For Swallowing (Marek. 83).

In conclusion, the best book I read in 2011 was The Temple of the Golden Pavilion by Mishima rated a massive 90/100 - probably the most I've ever awarded a book before. 
The worst book I read in 2011 was Leaving the World by Douglas Kennedy who rated 8/100. I was forced to read this when I joined a local book group. It was a horrible experience. Ordinarily I would've stopped reading it before reaching chapter 2. 

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