Monday, 12 September 2011

Let England Shake

Dorset is a great place to live. We're surrounded by beautiful countryside, inspiring people and soul-enriching music and literature. I've only recently come across PJ Harvey, and now she's won the Mercury Prize I'm starting to pay her proper attention. After listening to Let England Shake, and then quickly downloading White Chalk, I can really feel Dorset in her lyrics and in the quality of her music. 

When I write stories there is something I want to capture, and I think that PJ Harvey has managed to capture something very similar. I hope that someday I will be as eloquent as she. 

Yes, PJ Harvey does Dorset proud, and I get the feeling that Dorset does PJ Harvey proud.

Listening to Let England Shake makes me think that no one who truly feels patriotism would chose to go to war, other than to defend their land. To attack another territory is about as un-patriotic as you can get. We need nothing more than this glorious land. No other territory can match it. 

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