Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Mr Kite's sister got married on Saturday. I think it was the best wedding ceremony I've been to. It was a humanist ceremony and they'd done all the boring legal registry stuff the day before, so there was no waiting around for dinner and fun. The whole thing was awesome, except maybe the DJ, who was less awesome.

Bride versus Groom in a tug of war. He didn't let her win. He has much to learn.

raaayyy! Free booze.


Anonymous said...

I love her dress. So pretty!

Glad you all have an excellent time. I kept meaning to email you and ask how it went. :)

Catch you soon!

Zomzara said...

Yeah, her dress was amazing! Her ribbon matched his tie too :D Yeah, it was great. We sang cheesy love songs at the ceremony instead of boring hymns :D