Monday, 2 May 2011


A story of mine titled Kukaw! has been featured on the excellent lit blog Cherrypicked Hands. Read it by clicking here. There are lots of other amazing literary things over there, mostly poems, and also an amusing email exchange.

It's the first Shaftesbury Arts Centre Creative Writing Group* meeting today. I am a co-organiser of the group along with awesome fantasy/ sci fi writer Jennifer K Oliver who initiated everything. We've got an amazing programme lined up for the group, there will be biscuits, and we will learn things. I'll link you to our website when it's in operation.

*working name. It'll be shorter and punchier when we think of a shorter and punchier name.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! The Madonna story - it must be the one you were telling me about the other day. It made me grin. Short and amusing, particularly that last line. :)

The group was a great success! I couldn't have handled it alone, and I'm so glad you're co-running it.

We definitely need a catchy name, though...