Friday, 8 January 2010

Christmas Eggs

It’s been a while since I was last on my computer long enough to update anything online. The Christmas period was fairly lively. We played many, many games until we got so bored of playing games that we resented them for a while.

On Christmas day we got our first eggs from the new chickens. Now they are laying far too many for us to comfortably eat. They are far tastier than eggs from supermarkets.

I made some decorations out of materials found in Mr Kite’s garden. The boiler broke a week before Christmas and it was so cold that I had to distract myself somehow, and making decorations seemed to be logical. The Christmas ‘tree’ is made up of various evergreen branches pruned from trees around the Kites’ garden and then arranged in such a way that it almost looks like a tree, if you squint.

When rooting around the decoration box I found a couple of very odd decorations. I have included some photos of these strange children with their odd appendages.

For presents I made everyone sweets and biscuits lavishly dunked in chocolate. I wish I had photographed them because the biscuits, truffles and peppermint crèmes looked really beautiful all draped in various green and blacks chocolate. They tasted beautiful too.

Things have still not gone back to normal. This is partly due to the blanket of snow resting over Dorset at the moment. But it is mostly because Mr Kite’s asbestos cabin roof has started to crack and we are not happy about this. So we shifted everything out and are now attempting to take the roof down and replace it with a less carcinogenic one that we hope won’t leak. At this very moment Mr Kite is up there working on it in the snow. I ought to go and check he hasn’t slipped off.


Walking down Bleet Lane in the snow:

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