Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Seaside Donkey

An Illustration of mine has been published in the very excellent Shrieking Violet Magazine, a free-sheet zine based in Manchester. I believe you can download it here. The story is by Emily McPhilips and can be read here, minus the illustration, or download the zine to read it with the illustration. Emily is an excellent writer, I urge you all to follow her blog and keep your specs peeled for future works.

This is my first ‘commission’ and I enjoyed it so much that I’d like to do more. So if you want me to illustrate something for you, drop me a line. I’ll probably do it for free, if I like the project.


emily josephine mcphillips said...

The zine is lovely, isn't it :)

Thanks so much for illustrating my story. I think your donkey drawing accompanies my story very well indeed. x

memotone said...


A lovely illustration. Well done for getting it published. I hope you are happy with it! And I am sure you will get more work. And then the more you do, the more there will be.
Also, Thankyou for taking the time to listen to me on BBC Wiltshire and watch my videos. Writing music for film has been what I want to end up doing for some time. So your words and theres are very encouraging. And I hope you do write a film one day. I think that would be a film I would enjoy. And perfect to compose some music for.
I hope your well,