Monday, 27 July 2009


It seems to take me 2 weeks to process things and then remember I sometimes keep a blog and that maybe I could put something up on my blog.

About 2 weeks ago my local free-sheet paper published a review I wrote of a musician I saw at a local town fair. I've been to loads of local town fairs before, and they always play the same second-rate local cover band crap/ wannabe Raging Speedhorn freaks who should stick to playing in their daddy's barn. That sounded really mean, sorry if you have a death-metal band in North Dorset with five groupies who look like this:

The band I wrote a review for was very different. For a start it was a one-man band, and secondly, he makes awesomely good music. Here's the review (click on picture to read):

Check out Memotone at:

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