Thursday, 28 May 2009

Flowing Flexuous Movement.

Four Days Previously…

Why do I feel compelled to do stupid shit, goofing around and making things worse? I hurt my back some weeks ago lifting something heavy when in a bad mood. Don’t ever lift something heavy when in a bad mood; it’ll stick to you for weeks maybe months. Since then I’ve gone between resting it properly, still doing stuff but nothing too strenuous, to then having the sudden notion that I’d like to do some cartwheels and handstands. Then bam: back to square one. Today it was leaping over some logs in the woods. My back felt ok before that. I’d been doing yoga and gentle stretches, my back had been feeling fine for a short while. Not anymore. Not after that giant leap I did. I felt it when I landed. Hot and stiff. It’s been four weeks like this; to the day. Four weeks of being forced to reign in my yearning for pushing my body into flowing flexuous movement.

Typically I acquired an epiphany about four days after I initially did my back in. This epiphany was something like this: youth is all about the body. The only thing I truly have any ownership of is my body, yet I do nothing much with it. I was inspired to get fit, strong, flexible so that I can have the freedom of movement and total command of my own faculties. But I keep doing stupid shit that means I have to wait for another however long until I can really do anything more than the easier yoga poses.


(For Monday)

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