Friday, 27 March 2009

Fables of Folly

I went through a phase of writing a lot of spontaneous fables. I think that a lot of people failed to understand them. But I have read them back, a couple of years later. And I like them.
I might post a few of them every so often, because I don't think anyone will ever want to publish them. Magazines and ezines have no room for such things in amongst tales of dramatic tension and poignancy. These stories feature no such thing. This is not a failing, nor is it a success. It just is.

The Investors

The investors realised that the big money was in the sun. People need energy. They want to watch TV, play their Wii, own cars and overheat their home. This requires energy, and energy costs money. So the investors sucked the sun into a big tube and extracted the energy, selling it for five times the cost of storing it. The world now was dark and cold. But the people bought energy off the investors. They lit and heated their homes with it. Animals and plants died. People who belonged to the land died. No one really noticed or cared. As long as they could buy their energy, they had nothing to worry about.

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emily josephine mcphillips said...

a sad fable, but very wise and good :) x