Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Mr Kite

I've been pretty bad with writing short stories recently. I wrote one a small while ago that is very different from my usual short stories. Nothing weird happens in it at all.
Simon Kite is a boy who reads my stories. He's read all of them, or at least most of them. He's my number one fan. And I am his number one fan. But Mr Kite does not really like my latest short story. Nothing weird happens. And there is reference to music bands he has not ever heard of. (Mr Kite doesn't like my taste in music. Like Carol, a character in the story he doesn't really like, he thinks my taste in music is primitive)
I wonder what to do with this story, I am in need of money because the sweet shop closed down and left me with an income of less than the JSA. So maybe it would be an idea to at least try and enter a writing competition. Knowing Mr Kite's eccentric taste in things, if he's not too keen on this latest story, then it might be suited to a contest? I wonder...

Aside from this I have been very unproductive on the short story front. I have however been writing my novel, so I guess that is ok. The Klandestines graphic novel issue 1 is getting closer to being finished as well. I've suddenly been swamped by stuff to do for the Klandestines after 2 or so years of leaving it all to Dong, illustrator extraordinaire.
The above image is by my good friend Gin Jones. It is a banner for the Klandestines marking Chapter 1 of the story. Opinions would be welcomed. I love it. Am I biased by my love for Gin?

More news! I will write it in another post or two. yes.

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